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Launch and Promote your books, apps and portals
Launch and promote your books, appsand portals, on ground
You might have spent months (or years!) in knitting your thoughts into words. This journey of conceiving a thought of writing and converting it into a book has its own interesting and inspiring story by itself. You must share this story with the world, so that they can relate to it and feel connected with your thought process. Writing is a moment you want met with a bang, not a whimper. To that end, if you want people to read your new publication, you need to direct their attention to it. And that’s why one has to go for a book launch event by calling their influencers, supporters and all the people who match the idea of this book.

Unless you are a celebrity with a huge fan following across the borders of demography and social trends, your pre-launch strategy should focus on making your book discoverable to new readers, as well as letting existing fans know about your latest title. While many authors tiptoe around this kind of book promotion — either because it seems overwhelming or like an endeavor that taints artistic expression — to build a self-publishing career, you’ll need to get comfortable with the more management side of publishing.

You should remember not to overlook the power of “local.” When the time comes, you can invite family and friends, post flyers around your neighborhood and on local community boards and reach out to local news outlets to see if they’d be willing to feature you. At each actual event, you can give a reading and host a Q&A session. You can even invite other local authors to present brief readings from their own books, and maybe they’ll have you at their next event, too!

Hosting your book launch party is arguably the best part of publishing a book. You finally get to share the work you’ve been toiling over for years and bask in the glory of your friends and family. But don’t let the word “party” fool you; it takes planning to make it a success. Before you host your book launch party, consult us to ensure you make the most of the event. #strategicbond

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