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Intention is the master key

Intention is the master key

Where can you put intention in comparison to knowledge, skills or resourcefulness on a scale to measure various factors contributing or supporting success? Point here is to take a comprehensive view, considering accomplishment in long run, not just quick win or one time success.

We found that the real journey towards success starts with intention. As we know, knowledge can be gained, skills can be developed and resources can be acquired but before all these a neat and strong will is required. Be it anything personal or professional, studies, sports, arts, skills, business, money, administration or relations, it’s a universal phenomenon. Intention not only gives us clarity on direction and push for initiation but stronger the intention, more the power and speed of action.

Intention is not just willingness or attraction towards any idea but trusting your own reason and having a sturdy sense of unbending purpose. It gives you a feeling of belonging, a sense of responsibility and a strong sentiment of dedication towards the chosen aspiration.

It is a strong voice saying yes, yes and yes, again and again. It is a source of inspiration, self-confidence and a driving force to everlasting commitment. Whatever characteristics, capabilities and opportunities we wish to unlock, the master key is intention.

We become what we think about as intention is endlessly abundant. Our intention creates our reality. One has to stay connected within and expect to receive all the limitless that this enormous power is capable of offering. Will you ? Your will – Sanjeev Bhakhri

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