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Our methodology with innovation, creativity and pragmatic approach to communication & networking needs of the clients, has developed new ways of reaching out to prospective customers and larger masses.

Strategic Bond is a team of professional enthusiasts who are committed to serve the clients in a dedicated manner. Our team has a dynamic and sound work experience with media houses, publications, advertising agencies and event management companies. We are proficiently managing the marketing, business development, event planning, creative work, web development and digital media promotions for a good set of clients in India and abroad.

Most of our clients are somehow related to holistic wellness streams like healing, traditional therapeutic modalities, ayurveda, yoga, organic farming, lifestyle management, psychology, spirituality, handicraft, art, education, astrology, vastu, energy healing and that is how we got good opportunities to work with veterans and well known professionals in this arena. Now, this track record developed as the core competence for us to assure super success for any client in this genre. A good number of corporate trainers, doctors, healers, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, spiritual guides, astrologers, tarot readers, writers, artists, social workers and entrepreneurs have availed our consultancy services and the score board is rolling positively.

As a team, our approach is a balanced convergence of all marketing & communication tools apt for modern business scenario & useful for specific need of various clients. Strategic planning, radical thinking with a sharp market centric approach in effectively using the best suitable marketing tools, build brands and reaching out targeted audiences has definitely been proved as an asset to our clients.

What All We Do

We are your wellness partners, playing various roles to support your business goals, be it event planning and management, managing your book launch, product launch and presentations through our wellness events in India and abroad, publication management that comprises of newsletters, magazines and other periodicals in print and digital forms, managing your social media campaigns, Google ad words and other aspects of digital media management like SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SEM – Search Engine Marketing and SMM – Social Media Management. You can bank upon us for all your designing requirements/creative assistance from social media templates designs or advertisements to anything like catalogues, bill boards, invitations and multimedia presentations. You can call us management consultants in simple terms.

Collaborate With Us

Partner with us for better success of your business ideas. We can make even your rough ideas workable and viable. Join our events and promotions to launch and market your products and services.

We can proficiently plan and execute your events, workshops, seminars, conferences, award shows, exhibitions, product launches, presentations and marketing activities to be flawless and successful.

We welcome you to collaborate with us in launching new business projects, event properties, event centers, media properties, magazines, publications, mobile applications, websites, e-commerce portals, CRM programs and apps, digital media campaigns, networking groups and other such entities.

You can be a sponsor, associate, presenter, business partner for any chosen project. We are available to work as a part of your core team or an extended team to contribute positively towards better attainment of your business goals.

Featured Profiles

Healers,   Therapist,   Counsellors,   Corporate Trainers,   Educators,   Social Workers,   Entrepreneurs,   Artists,   Astrologers,   Tarot Readers,   Vastu Guides,   Wellness Experts and others.


Nikhil Bole



Dr. Suresh Bhandarkar



Dr.Mrs. V.S. Bole



Dr.Usha Sapra


Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits to attain and maintain holistic health and growth, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. Wellness events by strategic Bond Management Consultants are a set of many such initiatives to infuse well-being in people’s life.

As per guidelines set by United Nations, ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Just stay updated on our wellness events and initiatives and join us to make this world a better place. Every participant at Wellness Events by Strategic Bond is also serving the bigger cause for public welfare as per 3rd goal of sustainable development (SDG) – Good Health and Well-being for all. We have a bouquet of services to serve our clients, in which you can choose to participate in events hosted under our banner or avail our services to plan and manage some customized events for you. We are excited to offer some awesome events for you.

Apply for Club Membership

Let’s do some good for all. Join Strategic Bond Club to get benefited by the power of unity and fellowship as we believe that people together is great power. People are the reason and soul of any family setup, society, region, religion, business, nation, achievements and celebration.

Strategic Bond Club is all about you, me and wonderful people around us.Together we stand, grow better and expand. People Together can dream big, achieve anything and create a better world. Let's support each other to realize the strength of humanity and beauty of life with the power of Strategic Bond Club.

Check the following benefits of joining the Strategic Bond Club –

  • Exclusive invitations to join dedicated Club Meets, especially created series of get-together events for benefits of the members.
  • Real special discounts to participate in other events and promotional services hosted by Strategic Bond Management Consultants LLP
  • Free telephonic consultation and support for the members to plan and promote their product launch, workshops, training classes or other projects.
  • Free 2 introductory templates to introduce members on our Facebook page Special gifts on participation at Wellness Events by Strategic Bond.
  • Terms and conditions apply and the rules set by Strategic Bond Management Consultants LLP will be applicable over time for all the activities, events, promotions, deals and other matters concerning the group, clients associated with this group and any organization or people concerning this group – Strategic Bond Club

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